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High speed centrifugal fan
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Wuxi Ruier Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. from South Korea kturbo company introduced products - air suspension bearing high-speed centrifugal fan. The product adopts air suspension bearing technology, no contact friction, no lubricating oil, no maintenance, low noise, long life; with high-speed permanent magnet motor, adjustable frequency converter and casting impeller, the product performance can reach the compressor grade ISO 8573-1 Class 0, and it is an energy-saving oil-free air compressor.
Air suspension bearing high-speed centrifugal fan is widely used in air blowing and aeration of environmental protection sewage treatment system, production gas of food and drug industry, petrochemical industry, mechanical and electronic industry, desulfurization and denitrification of power generation, coal powder material transportation, cement and building materials production material transportation, steel smelting and metallurgy production compressed gas, textile printing and dyeing production compressed gas, large-scale marine compressed gas. , and other industries, such as painting, pneumatic tools, etc.
Air suspension bearing high-speed centrifugal fan is an energy-saving product, which can save 15% - 30% energy compared with similar products. The product adopts permanent magnet motor, can operate continuously, with the speed up to 120000 rpm. It adopts hydrodynamic air bearing, uses air to support the transmission shaft, without any mechanical contact wear, ensures the reliability and durability of operation, without maintenance, and has a long service life. Now the energy-saving oil-free air compressor is available. The product has obvious energy-saving effect in actual use, no need of maintenance and excellent economic benefit.

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